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Are Corgis Expensive?

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Ever wonder how much does this breed really cost?

Corgi price can be high. But there’s a reason this dog breed is so popular.

They’re probably best recognized as the beloved breed that Queen Elizabeth II kept for decades. Fond of corgis since she was a small child, Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis since she became Queen of the Commonwealth realms in 1952.

Corgis are outgoing dogs, being a big dog in a small body. They make great pets for families and elderly alike being very obliging.

The name Corgi literally means “dwarf dog” in Welsh. It’s a fitting title for these compact pups, who are famous for their miniature legs and tiny tails. But there’s so much more to corgis than their short stature!

With their fox-like appearance and bright-eyed nature, the corgi is a well-established breed that has been around for many years. Originally bred to herd, there are two types: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Generally speaking, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is slightly more popular than the Cardigan. So the Cardigan may cost slightly higher than the Pembroke Welsh Corgi since not all breeders will have it.

The cost of a Corgi usually varies depending on several factors. There is no standard cost as ultimately, it will depend on the individual breeder and the location they are in. As you now know, the Corgi price for breeding is not cheap. That factors into the price of a purebred dog.

According to listings on the American Kennel Club website, the cost of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi varies from $1,000 to $2,200.

The average cost is about $1,500.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies are similarly priced. Prices can vary from $1,200 to more than $1,800 as they are rare.

The average cost is around $1,500.

Think that’s all?

Corgis tend to shed all year round as they have a double cat, though they only shed heavily twice a year. They need daily grooming to minimize their shedding so consider taking this into account when buying a Corgi. Compared to other breeds, Welsh Corgis could be characterized as low maintenance dogs.

It’s important to remember that Corgis are prone to obesity. If your Corgi reaches above 15 percent of the typical ideal for gender and measurements, she is obese. Obesity leads to many other health complications, such as arthritis, kidney problems, and even cancer. This means higher vet bills and possibly the extra cost of a special diet to get your Corgi back to the ideal size.

Leaping your Corgi at a recommended weight is not only good for her health but for your budget.

Still considering getting one?

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2 thoughts on “Are Corgis Expensive?”

  1. They are the smartest easy to train dogs.
    I lost my Corgi two weeks ago and our entire family is mourning his death. He brought so much joy and happiness in our lives that is unimaginable. We had him since he was 10 weeks old and we lost him after 13 years. He will never be forgotten and no one will ever replace him. He was a human in a dog’s body! 💔💔💔

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