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Why are Corgi Tails Docked?

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Why are Corgi Tails Docked?

The Welsh Corgi has originated from Wales. This bred managed to gain immense fame across the globe as it was a favorite pet of the Queen. Her choice of dog was Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is known to have owned over 30 corgis. This dog boasts of having a unique appearance. It features elongated bodies and short legs, but no tails.

Do Corgis have tails?

Some are said to be born with naturally short tails while others without tails. Although they may have natural tails, it is necessary to cut them to meet the set norms of AKC standards. However, cardigan welsh corgis can retain their tails. Why are corgi tails cut off? Docking tail depends on your dog getting with AKC club or not. You can come across a Pembroke corgi having a tail.

Why are corgi tails docked?

It is not that all corgis are born without tails. Only Pembroke Welsh corgi’s tails are cut and not that of Cardigan Welsh corgis. Some reasons are cited for docking their tails. It includes breed standards, natural bobtailed and for herding purposes.

Meeting Breed AKC standard

As per AKC standards, Pembroke corgi breeds are not to have any tail. If it has natural bobtails, then its length needs to be 2” or short. No indentation should develop. Hence, if you plan to own an AKC registered Pembroke, then you are likely to get one with a docked tail. As the puppies enter the third day of their birth, their tails get cut. But the time for cutting the tail is likely is based on the breeder’s decision. It can be even sooner or later than the prescribed date. This act is rather a tradition that is followed since ancient Roman times. A common belief is that docked tails will help the dog avoid contracting rabies. The other reason cited is that dogs were commonly used as cattle herders.

Why are corgi tails cut? Tails not needed for herding

One of the main reasons to dock their tail is herding. But these days, they are no more used for herding purposes. Back then their tails did not find any use. Rather, they were considered to be liabilities. The common assumption is that corgis being short, there are chances of a cow during herd might stomp their tails. Since their tail ends curl upwards, this logic is stated to be quite unreasonable. Many breeders find this reason quite illogical and cruel practice.

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