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Why Dachshunds Burrow?

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Why Dachshunds Burrow?

You may find your dachshund dig into a blanket and find it incredibly cute. Owning a doxie will mean you are likely to come across holes in your garden. This breed is known to burrow and dig, which is considered to be stimulation and instinctual. However, you should not allow them to create tunnels wherever they desire to.

Natural and instinctive

Why do dachshunds burrow in blankets? Their body shape clearly exhibits the trait that they love to dig. Initially, during the 15th century, this dog type was used to hunt badgers. Right from the beginning, this breed has been spending quality time in dark, small spaces. They have long bodies, big paws and pointed noses, thus being experts to flush out badgers from holes. These days, such dogs are kept as domestic pets in homes. But still, they have retained their natural instincts to burrow.

Why do dachshunds burrow – Exhibits digging skills

Digging holes even in the garden space makes them feel accomplished and proud. Their badger hunting traits may compel them to try to please you. They plan to achieve this aspect by digging and creating burrows in the soil.

They feel safe

Digging holes for this breed is not just an outdoor activity. They also are known to burrow happily into pillows and blankets before going to sleep. It is because of their natural instincts. They have developed the habit to sleep in small holes that they dig in the soil. This is to safeguard from predators and harsh weather elements. Digging holes provides them with that safe feeling.

But you should control your pet’s digging activities and not allow digging in your backyard. Otherwise, they are not likely to spare your garden, blanket and furniture piece. You can control as well as redirect them as to where and when to dig.

Create designated digging areas

Since you have understood why dachshunds burrow, it is time for you to learn how to control this activity. You should protect your assets, without curtailing his digging instincts. Provide a designated area for your pet to dig freely. It can even be a sandbox. Fill up space with sand instead of soil. This way, your doxie will know where to dig and which ones to avoid. To increase excitement, you can hide their favorite toys within the sand and instruct your pet to find them. Be firm and say ‘no’ if your pet digs anywhere in the backyard and simply redirecting him to his digging spot. Offer rewards for digging at the designated spots.

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