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Dog breed 101: Pugs

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Happy pug with tongue out

Pugs are the cutest breeds on Earth!

Pugs are a well-liked dog breed! It’s easy to see why people love pugs because of their adorable wrinkles, stubby legs, and big bug eyes don’t just make it look cute. Pugs are among the cutest breeds on earth because of their flat face and floppy ears.

Are you looking for a new furry?

If you’re looking for a new buddy addition to your family, a Pug may be the right fit for you. But there’s more to these lovable and charming little dogs than just good looks and sassy attitudes. Pugs are the type of dogs that thrive on companionship. They’ll sniffle when you leave and go crazy when you get home. They’re intelligent and playful, but also extremely affectionate. 

Pugs are Social Dogs!

They’re known for being social dogs, whim, and intensely loyal that are great companions for anyone. Pugs can be stubborn sometimes and if they don’t want to do something, they are just going to flat out refuse to do it. While they do have a stubborn streak, they are not aggressive. On the other hand, barking, digging or chewing are one of the more common Pug personality traits. 

Pugs can sleep all day.

Yes, they have a lazy nature. Pugs enjoy spending their days napping. Their low energy level means it is easy to keep a Pug in good physical health with just a small walk or quick playtime. They are not the easiest breed to train because they get bored quickly.

They’re one of the oldest dog Breeds.

Pugs are an ancient breed of dogs. Their ancient lineage can be traced back to 200-206 AD! Pugs are considered one of the oldest canine breeds in existence today. Most believe that the breed originated in China.

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