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Are Rottweilers Dangerous to Their Owners?

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Are Rottweiler dangerous?

Are Rottweilers dangerous? Do they make good pets? Do they get aggressive and tough to handle? These are some of the common questions that you are likely to ask if you plan to pet one.

About Rottweiler dogs

The Roman army was known to use them to safeguard their cattle essential for their troops. The breed’s natural guarding instinct, high intelligence combined with herding behavior is what makes them ideal for this work.

Is Rottweiler dangerous to their owners? Or are they labeled unfairly by negative media?

It is also known as ‘butcher dogs’ and were first used in Germany’s Rottweill town. Their duty was to guard butchers and their shops. They were highly trusted as well as used for transporting money. A common saying back then was a Rottweiler’s neck was much safer when compared to any bank vault. The truth is they do make excellent pets for the entire family and get along with other pets.

Their characteristics

Their overall appearance is more balance. They have broad, but a proportional head, muzzle, coal-black nose, powerful jaws, dark alert eyes and faintly-wrinkled forehead. They are formidable, imposing dogs that exhibit strength and power. Male dogs display massiveness due to their mastiff ancestry.

They are rather described to be even-tempered dogs, known for their dignified, calm demeanor, but not much excited or aggressive. They are also easy to train and ready to please their masters. Providing them with regular activity is sure to make them satisfied and happy. But boredom is not good for this breed, resulting in inappropriate behavior.

Although they are good natured, they can be termed as powerful dogs. But they will require early socialization combined with lifelong obedience training. This way, you can show that you are the pack leader and not your dog. However, being huge dogs there are chances of their tail or paw accidentally knocking over a toddler easily. They may also act aggressively if they come across cats and other dogs. Hence, they require constant obedience training and proper socialization to get well along with others.

Is Rottweiler dangerous for a family?

No, they are completely safe after providing proper training. But you need to adopt some lifestyle changes to accommodate the specific needs of this large dog. Your yard should be properly fenced allowing your Rottie to play and exercise regularly. Provide him with adequate human interaction. All this will allow your family to enjoy having a Rottie as a pet.

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