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Why do They Cut Rottweilers Tails?

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Why do they cut Rottweilers tails?

The Rottweiler is born with a long tail that is similar to other breeds. However, becomes 0 to 1 week old, its tail is amputated. But why do they cut rottweilers’ tails?

Why do you cut off a rottweilers tail – Know the reasons

There are several reasons cited for cutting off the Rottweiler’s tail, some of which are given below.

  • Allows easy movement: When moving around, the long tail might cause injury to the dog. Cutting off the tail ensures efficient working capacity. It also helps prevent tail entanglement, thereby preventing injury. Besides avoiding unnecessary dangers, the dog’s health can also be well-protected.
  • Inconvenient to move: Since birth, Rottweiler is considered to be a working dog. This breed possesses superior strength and a solid body. Hence, they are mostly used to perform heavy work like hunters, sled dogs, guard dogs, etc. Such jobs require high speed and agility. Often, its long tail can be termed to be a major obstacle as it becomes uncomfortable and tangles while moving. This, in turn, diminishes the dog’s movement abilities and running speed.
  • To protect the dog: According to dog experts, it is necessary to cut off its tail to protect the entire race. It helps the dog to safeguard itself from the thief’s hunt. Currently, it is among the expensive breeds in the world. Hence, it is easy prey for dog smugglers and thieves. Its long tail only facilitates its easy capture. Therefore, cutting it off can prove to be an effective solution. The tail coupling also helps reduces energy consumption when running and prevents rabies.
  • Aesthetic problems: With modern machinery replacing manual heavy work, Rottweiler breeds are petted at homes. However, long-tailed Rott was not favored up and its value was greatly reduced. This is because the image built around it is of a tailless dog. These days, tail cutting is a trend that is practiced across the globe. The tails of 100% Rott dogs in the U.S. are cut. The common belief is that cutting its tail will make the dog appear fresh and handsome. But some European countries like Netherlands, France or England do not follow this practice. It is strictly prohibited by Animal Protection Association. They consider the tail cutting practice to be a strict humanitarian law violation as dogs are to live with their natural traits and features.

The above are the reasons cited for why do rottweiler tails get cut off.

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