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Why You Should Get a Rescue Dog

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child hugging a stray dog

We all know the fact that adopting a dog is fulfilling, but it is a hard job as it is giving all your love to someone who’s in dire need of love.

Here are five reasons why you should get a rescue dog:

  1. They are very lovable creatures. They lack love. They are neglected. They are dying for a pet, a good belly rub, and a warm hug. They are very hard trusting beings, but once they feel your love, get ready for smooches!
  2. Rescue dogs are the best teachers of life. They had gone through the hardest phase in life but they are still willing to trust.
  3. Rescue dogs don’t care about your social status. Whether you live under a bridge or on a luxury suite, once you show your full love to a rescue dog, he will reward you with the gift of loyalty.
  4. You don’t need a huge amount of money to raise one. All you need to have is a big heart that is ready to love.
  5. They make the greatest companion. They are the purest creature.


So next time you see one on the street, remember that creature needs a house he can call a home, open your doors, let’s not turn shelters in to a dumping ground.

The world is theirs too. They all have the rights to stay here just like us. They all deserve to feel loved and taken care of. Shelters are jail to them. Help stray dogs have a new chance in life. #AdoptDontShop


“I don’t have a schedule like breakfast, lunch, dinner nor a menu.

Every meal is a surprise for me, even a packet of biscuit makes me happiest and help me survive one more day.

After all, I don’t have anyone in this world for me and every day is a life and death.

Even if you don’t like me, avoid me and please don’t hurt me.

My little life is the only thing that I had in this huge world.”

Credits to: IG lifeofstray

Happy dog being rescued

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